Tactical Fire Pot 40ml | firegel

Tactical Fire Pot 40ml | firegel

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The Tactical Fire Pot is an innovative product from Biofire that is great for preparing food without starting a fire. It is a 100% organic product.

The Fire Pot is weatherproof and reusable. It contains ethanol and silica, so it burns at high temperatures. The manufacturer recommends outdoor use, but it can also be used indoors provided safety precautions are followed.

- Pour the required amount of cold water into the food pack and stir.

- Open the lid of the fuel gel, place the fuel gel on a heat-resistant base, light the fuel gel with a match or lighter.

- Fold the bottom of the Tactical Foodpack flat and place it on top of the fuel gel.

- Hold the food pack on the fuel gel until it boils, then lift the food pack from the flame, close the pack and leave the food for the time indicated on the pack.

- When extinguishing the burning gel, place the lid on the flame, do not blow out!

The product is reusable, the total burning time is about 40 minutes.