verschenkt 30.000 FFP2-Masken an Unternehmen is taking the current corona developments as an opportunity to put together a relief package for Austrian companies. A total of 30.000 FFP2 masks will be sent to companies free of charge.

"Corona is far from over, and so wearing masks will also accompany us, because this is still the most effective protection against viruses of all kinds," says Managing Director Gernot Prasser.

For him it is clear that both small and medium-sized companies should already be storing FFP2 masks for the autumn to ensure a safe working environment. founder: "Masks maintain the system"

“The corona protection measures are not only important, but also system-preserving. At a time of high infection rates with many employees being absent, the FFP2 mask is the simplest operational protective measure," Prasser continues.

In almost all industries it can be seen where it leads to if you omit FFP2 masks: companies have to struggle with an increased shortage of staff. This mask campaign by is intended to protect employees on the one hand and relieve employers on the other.

Because, according to Prasser, from a certain number of FFP2 masks it is quite expensive for companies to make them available to everyone.

Action against inflation

"Prices can be felt everywhere, the energy crisis is on the doorstep, and there is also a shortage of staff - with this mask relief package we want to make a small contribution to supporting companies," emphasizes the founder.

All Austrian companies can apply for the free FFP2 masks. A registration on the website with the required number of pieces or an email to enough. The promotion is valid while stocks last or until August 29, 2022.