Weil uns auch die Sicherheit und Tierwohl am Herzen liegt!

A lot has happened in the world in the last few weeks that has shaken many deeply. Both humans and animals were faced with almost insurmountable challenges - but fortunately the cohesion of the population is very strong right now.

The animal shelter Adamhof has also started a large relief campaign and was very close to the aid convoy from Ukraine. During several strenuous days, they supported people fleeing and tried to make the children forget this dramatic time for a brief moment with small gifts. Likewise, countless stray dogs and cats were rescued and cared for after a 13-hour drive to Graz.

Such an aid operation involves a lot of effort - so we, the Schutzoutlet team, decided to help here too.
Together with YOUR help during the winter months, we were able to donate 1500€ to the animal shelter Adamhof and thus give many little souls a new, hopefully better, life.

Gernot Prasser & the team from schutzoutlet.at