Nanovio - The first washable FFP2 R certified nano mask from Europe!

✔ Easily reusable & washable

✔ High comfort thanks to the sewn-in nose clip and soft, adjustable ear loops

✔ psafer nano-ePTFE filter – whole without silver particles

 EU Approved & Certified for safety in everyday life

 High quality Made in EU paired with design from Austria

The Nanovio FFP2 mask offers the best protection with high wearing comfort. In addition facilitated they can be felt compared to conventional FFP2 masks the breathing. The production in the EU and the reusability not only protects our environment, but also your wallet.

The nano mask is easy to put in the washing machine washable or easily cleaned with a 75% alcohol-based disinfectant. Of course, the filtration function of the mask remains in place even after repeated washing. What the Nanovio mask to a environmentally friendly alternative to conventional FFP2 masks.

Microfiber is used for the durability and easy care of the Nano FFP2 mask, it is easily washable and lint-free. The microfiber fabric layer inside and outside ensures a high level of comfort, which the mask easy simultaneously enjoyable soft power.


Structure of Nanovio FFP2 masks:

  • breathable microfiber outside
  • Non-woven fiber layer with nano-ePTFE filter - whole without silver particles
  • Soft microfiber fabric layer inside
  • Easily adjustable ear loops
  • Flexibly adjustable & sewn-in aluminum nose clip


Increase your safety and that of your fellow human beings by wearing your NANOVIO nano mask whenever necessary.